So you’re going to Kauai? Read this first.

new Kauai Trailblazer guidebook
The new 21st anniversary edition of Kauai Trailblazer is now available on Amazon.  Check it out here.
Trailblazer Guides are geared toward independent travelers who have a sense of adventure. The books cover all the well-known activities, as well as places to call your own. Get out the yellow highlighter and give KT a look before your visit: you will hit the ground running at the airport.

Activities (like hiking, strolling, snorkeling, biking, surfing) are organized by geographic region, so no matter where you are on the island, you’ll find all there is to do nearby. Things that are near each other on the book’s pages, are also close-by in the real world.

This guide is content rich and packed with details. Driving and parking directions are very specific. You also get safety tips for the hazards you might encounter. A Best Of section lists top choices. A Trailblazer Kids section makes vacation planning easy for families. Want to visit the places where Hollywood movies have been filmed? You’re covered.
At the top of the must-do list on  Kauai is to get up-close-and-personal with tropical gardens. On the wild Powerline Trail South (above), you may wind up speaking plant-talk by the time the hike is over. You can also find tamer ways to immerse in greenery, like visiting one of the three National Tropical Botanical Gardens on the island. Kauai Trailblazer offers many ways to journey into the botanical world, from family strolls to wilderness treks.
Kekaha Beach Kauai Trailblazer
Kauai has by far the most hike-to beaches in Hawaii—a couple dozen or more. But there are also many drive-up beaches with long stretches of open sand, like Kekaha Beach (above). Kekaha is almost always sunny even when rain falls elsewhere. Another miles-long beach is Barking Sands, at Polihale State Park. Kauai’s fabled sea cliffs rise a couple thousand feet at the backshore.
Makauwahi Cave Reserve Kauai
Trailblazers are also known for attention to cultural and historic sites, as well as attractions that tell the island’s natural history. Above is the Makauwahi Cave Reserve—the largest cavern and fossil deposit in the state. It’s only recently been opened to the public. On the north shore is the place to see whales and shorebirds: the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.  Take a free tour of the lighthouse. 
Visitors who enjoy poking around in the mysteries of the past will find directions to ancient sites and heiaus (temples)—some of which are state parks, and others that are overgrown and hidden. (Of course, take care not to disturb any of these sacred places.)
Sleeping Giant Trail Kauai
The Sleeping Giant Trail above Kapa’a is only one of many places to get high. Many of the mountain trails are in the Yelp-zone and well-frequented, but you will be surprised how many choices the guide offers to get off the beaten track.
Kauai's Farmers' Markets

With Kauai all around you, don’t forget to put some of the island inside you. Farmers markets (‘sunshine markets’) take place daily. KT lists them all. Alongside the luscious heaps of organic fruits and vegetables are locally produced wellness/beauty products, fresh juices. flowers, crafts and artisan foods. Farmer’s markets are the place to meet the locals and stock up on all the goodies.
You can also cruise rural roads to find ‘honor stands,’ where you stuff money in a slot and drive away with: bananas, many kinds of citrus, avocados, coconuts … 
Hanapepe Swinging Bridge
Trailblazer also takes you to the cool walk-around towns. There are many. In Hanapepe, you can stroll the old-west-style main street’s galleries and restaurants, and then cross the Swinging Bridge to take a walk on the rural side. 
The art scene on Kauai is thriving. Here is a taste of island style shops to explore: Yellowfish Trading Company and The Ohana Shop (Hanalei); Magic Dragon Toy and Art Supply (Princeville); Hunter Gatherer (Kilauea);  Kauai Coffee (Coconut Marketplace); Kukuiula Village (Poipu); Warehouse 3540 (Lawai);  Storybook Theater, JJ Ohana and Blu Umi (Hanapepe); and Koke’e Museum (Waimea Canyon).
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