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Trailblazing the Big Island of Hawaii

With its obscure roads and enormous size–nearly twice that of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands combined–the Big Island presents a challenge to adventure travelers who have limited time. The Hawaii The Big… Continue reading

Wandering the Big Island Beach Parks

<br Intermittent rain showers along the Big Island coast today. Parking lots practically empty at the Hilo Beach Parks. A moment of stillness recorded.

Postcard from Kalopa

Today the rain pelted the Kalopa State Park forest. Photos taken on the Robusta and Perimeter trails. Slip-slidin’ away over downed branches and fern fronds. An enlivening and invigorating experience. Plants happy.

Hanalei Bay – the place to play

Walking Hanalei Beach, you’ll see shore-break surfers and joggers, and pass a number of beachfront homes, some of which are historical landmarks, and bed-and-breakfast cottages—all set among palm trees and gardens. If it… Continue reading

Maui’s Daring Black Rock Jumpers

Keka’a Point, or Black Rock, is where spirits of the dead were said to launch themselves in ancient times to join their Polynesian ancestors in the other world. Today, jumpers are just aiming… Continue reading

Hawaii for Christmas with the Trailblazers

For the hiker, stroller, surfer, kayker, biker, snorkeler, sun worshipper, armchair traveler, or lover of all things Hawaiian on your list. These books exude “aloha” and are designed for families and independent travelers.… Continue reading

New York Times: Georgia O’keeffe in Hawaii and Maui Trailblazer

IF YOU GO WHAT TO SEE “Many of the attractions of the Hana district are easy to find: the black sand beaches with wild lava formations and lush rain forests extend along the… Continue reading

Contest: Where in Hawaii are these waterfalls?

Name these waterfalls and win a free Trailblazer Travel Book of your choice. One winner will be awarded, even if we don’t come up with someone who knows all five. Contest ends November… Continue reading