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Hawaii Beach Etiquette

Yes, for the most part, the beach in Hawaii is a place to run free and let your freak flag fly. But bear in mind, some rules do apply when traipsing along the… Continue reading

Trailblazing the Big Island of Hawaii

With its obscure roads and enormous size–nearly twice that of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands combined–the Big Island presents a challenge to adventure travelers who have limited time. The Hawaii The Big… Continue reading

Wandering the Big Island Beach Parks

<br Intermittent rain showers along the Big Island coast today. Parking lots practically empty at the Hilo Beach Parks. A moment of stillness recorded.

Postcard from Kalopa

Today the rain pelted the Kalopa State Park forest. Photos taken on the Robusta and Perimeter trails. Slip-slidin’ away over downed branches and fern fronds. An enlivening and invigorating experience. Plants happy.

Hanalei Bay – the place to play

Walking Hanalei Beach, you’ll see shore-break surfers and joggers, and pass a number of beachfront homes, some of which are historical landmarks, and bed-and-breakfast cottages—all set among palm trees and gardens. If it… Continue reading

The Mahaulepu Trail

Head out the through the terraces, pool-side extravaganza and artificial lagoon at the fabulous Grand Hyatt on Kauai’s south shore and hang a left on Shipwreck Beach. Then up to the tawny bluff—a… Continue reading