Plan your trip to Hawaii

Richard Pryor described Hawaii as “the best form of comfort for me,” an affirmation shared by millions of island visitors and residents. But how can vacationers best plan their limited time on these Pacific fantasy islands? Not your conventional travel guide, No Worries Hawaii is designed to answer just that question. First, authors Jerry and Janine Sprout challenge readers to take an armchair voyage to identify their interests and ideal vacation. Then, a simple self-test enables prospective travelers to sort through 50 key categories, including beaches, nightlife, cultural sites, attractions, trails, gardens, surfing, and snorkeling. In a bountiful section of tips, the Sprouts draw on decades of island experience about trip planning, cost-saving options, booking tours, and transportation. An illustrated guide to optimize your tropical getaway.

Order your guide on the author’s website,,, or Read it before you go and maximize your vacation time. You’ll be glad you did.