A visit to Lahaina, Maui

English: Old photo of boat landing at Lahaina,...

English: Old photo of boat landing at Lahaina, Maui. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Lahaina Harbor is in front of the old courthouse, which is a visitors center with knowledgeable and free walking maps. For the Lahaina Seawall—a must-do side-trip—walk over to the prominent Lahaina Lighthouse, a 30-foot high beacon that dates from 1866 and was the first in Hawaii. Then walk down the paved road along the water, past an array of tour and fishing vessels, and take a right onto the seawall. You’ll be walking on big flat boulders. The seawall, completed in 1938, is a spot to view surfers, the outer islands, and boating activity. But the real reason for being here is the romantic look you get back toward Lahaina: The opening shot for a South Seas adventure flick, with jagged green peaks as a backdrop to the palmy shore.

Follow directions in the Maui Trailblazer for more walks around town – don’t miss the old prison. Trailblazer was recently recommended by the New York Times!