Maui’s Ho’okipa – wet and wild


From the pages of Maui Trailblazer guide: “Surfers catch the point break below the Ho‘okipa Beach Lookout, riding in toward the shore as spectators view from a pipe railing. At the far end of the railing, a social trail curves down a grass embankment to the smooth lava shelf. You can get a board’s eye view on the action. Be Aware: Big surf can be a hazard at this lower area. Then, for a closer look at the beach scene, take the road down to the pavilion. Late in the day, the long parking lot along the beach is filled with surfers enjoying their day at Hookah, er, Ho‘okipa. The lower part of the beach extends for about .25-mile, with a reef close in on the east end below the lookout. Windsurfers from around the globe gather off the point extends on the west end of the beach. Grassy bluffs are designed for photograhpers and gawkers.” More beaches just around the corner. Still can’t decide which island to visit, buy the No Worries Hawaii guide.