Setting Up a “Dream Date” with Hawaii

Everybody has a different fantasy of the ideal Hawaiian vacation. One person’s good time is another persons boooooooring. Some people know exactly what they want, while others want to be surprised. That’s why NO WORRIES HAWAII, a vacation planning guide for all the Islands, has a simple yet ingeneous self-test that makes sure you pick the right island, stay where you will be happiest, and find the stuff that pleases.
The self-test divides the attractions up into 36 categories: beaches, snorkeling, hiking, viewing wildlife, experiencing nightlife, museums, golf, family picnics—and a lot more. For each category, readers are asked whether they “gotta have it” on their vacation, or whether “it would be nice,” or they really don’t care. The answers are keyed to several hundred of Hawaii’s specific locations, which in turn tell the reader which island is best. NO WORRIES HAWAII also has money-saving tips on booking a vacation, as well a ways to save on expenses in Hawaii without skimping on good times. Safety tips and visiting strategies are also included.
NO WORRIES HAWAII works for first time visitors who are a bit overwhelmed by decisions, and also for returnees who know what they like, but want to do something different.