Stand Up Paddle: the rage in Hawaii


A barrage of factoids. Did you know:

Stand up paddle surfing offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.

Stand up paddle surfing, or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he’e nalu, originated in Hawaii.

According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2013 report, stand up paddling was listed as the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants beating boardsailing and windsurfing.

In 2007, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, the first stand up paddle board race was held. In a seven-mile race, 34 male and female competitors competed. This was the beginning of the Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival.

The proper form for paddle surfing requires a paddle of the correct length and size. A common rule of thumb is a “shaka” length, or 5 to 7 inches, above the rider’s height.

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