Hawaii trip tip No. 4

Hawaii Trailblazer Travel Photo

Never leave valuables in the car … Especially on Oahu, the most likely place in the nation to have a car break-in … Even more than bear break-ins in Yosemite … Don’t transfer stuff to the trunk in the parking lot … Thieves often work in pairs, and often it’s boy-girl … Broken glass in the parking lot is a sign of prior break-ins … Thieves normally break into tourist cars, rather than locals’ (except on Oahu, where everyone joins in the fun) … Hang a necklace or beads from your rearview mirror to give your car a local look … Or put a local bumper sticker in the back window … Maps on the seats say, “I’m a tourist” … So do hotel parking permits … Leave a note on the dash reading “No Valuables” … The odds are very unlikely that you will have a car break-in while on vacation ….

courtesy of No Worries Hawaii.