Kaua’i’s Moloa’a rhymes with Ahhhhhhhh

Kauai’s northeast coast has a wealth of wild beaches, so pleasure seekers may not find Moloa’a (mo-lo-ah-ah) Bay on the first visit, or even the second. The big curve of sand cleaved by a fresh stream is two lush miles down a rural road, a couple turns off a country highway. In the past, “no parking” signs near beach homes dissuaded visitors, but those days are gone and the vibe is total aloha. At the far end of this beach, a trail leads up a bluff into a bird sanctuary with views of the deep blue sea.

Few people head the other way around the bay, a beachcomer’s stroll along a reefy shore break. At the far end of the bay are the Moloa’a Baths—pools and channels in an onshore coral reef that are favored by reef fishermen and snorkelers. As is the case with all beaches, be cautious when the surf is up, since high surf equals stronger rip current.

Don’t forget to nose around the backshore (while avoiding people’s yards), where gardens and torpical orchards add some soothing green to a day a the beach. Kaua’i Trailblazer has the deets on this sweet bay, as well as more than a dozen wild beaches along this 20-mile-long adverturer’s paradise.