Hawaii’s surefire cure for the Blues

Winter gets old. Especially in April. But the good news is that right now is low season in the Islands. So anyone who is feeling deeply blue can book a cheap trip to take the deep blue cure.
Though jumping off rocks is generally not a good idea, these bluffs at Kauai’s Mahaulepu Beach are safe. The urge to leap is nearly magnetic.
A mellower blue immersion is to be had at Oahu’s dreamy Lanikai Beach on the Windward side. Check out the nearby tiny islands via kayak, or float around the near-shore.
King Kamehameha took a fancy to Hanauma Bay (several miles south of Waikiki on Oahu) and for years it was reserved for his retinue. These days, busloads of visitors head down the steep paved trail to explore the aquamarine waters. Full disclosure: The photo is what Hanauma looks like when it’s closed, and at times the place is a zoo.
Trailblazer guides have specific directions to many dozens of beaches with just the right shade of blue.