Foodie Alert: Bring Kauai home from your vacation

Selfies and snapshots make for good memories, but for a more internal impact, try eating island-grown goodness during your visit—your body will be beaming with Hawaii for days. There are outdoor markets daily on Kauai, offering exotic fruits and veggies, as well as flowers.
Bring your own shopping bags and dollar bills, and show up at the appointed time, since some of the stuff goes fast. Usually, vendors don’t dicker on price.
The effect is immediate if you drink the fruit on the spot. Have you  tried a soursop mint!
Many of the vendors have large gardens with quite a variety, but at some stands are just the offerings from a backyard tree.
Okay, not all the treats are organic. But you might find that apple bananas (above, right) are just as tasty as a chocolate.
Since most of the sugar cane fields are defunct in Hawaii, pineapples are now a principal export fruit.
Trailblazer guides list all the outdoor markets for all the islands, as well as the best neighorhoods to cruise for street stands. Stock up during the first day or two of your vacation and you’re set.
Need help locating these markets? Here’s a link: