The high-and-lowdown on Oahu’s cuckoo Koko Crater

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Kissing cousin to the more-famous Diamond Head volcano, Koko Crater sits right across the highway from the most popular snorkeling venue in Hawaii (Hanauma Bay). Beginning at a parking lot for Koko Crater Regional Park is a trail like no other: Hundreds of railroad-tie steps go skyward 1,200 feet over 1.25 miles to the top. The route follows the remnants of a WWII-era tramway that transported workers to a radar installation.
Waikiki Oahu Trailblazer Hanauma Bay
You get a good look at his improbable trail from a turnout before reaching Hanauma Bay from Hawaii Kai east of Waikiki. Hot tip: Try this adventure early or late in the day to avoid getting fried by the tropical sun.
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Steel grating at the summit provides a viewing platform. That’s Hawaii Kai, just west of Koko Crater.
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Though not as hairy as many Oahu ridge hikes, you’ll want to avoid leg fatigue that may cause a tumble. One section, with wider separation over a gully, is safer when using your hands.
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The view south from the summit is into Koko Crater Botanical Gardens, where an unlikely assortment of cacti and palms is mind-blowing in its own way. Unless you brought a parachute, you’ll need to continue past Hanauma Bay and Sandy Beach to reach the garden’s entrance.
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A 2.25-mile loop trail through the 60-acre crater floor passes a forest of plumeria trees (blooming in spring), Disney-esque cacti, native wiliwili  trees and loulou palms, as well as palm imports from Africa and Madagascar.  Birdsong provides the narration. Admission to the garden is free.
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Hemmed in by curving 1,000-foot walls, the crater floor can be hot. Morning and evening hours are best.
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Speaking of hot: Sandy Beach, east of Koko Crater, lures surfers, body boarders, and sunbathers from both sides of Oahu. On the weekends, the scene amps to da max.
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