Trailblazer’s Hawaii Guides: Adventure in your Pocket. Memories in the Bank.

Hawaii means different things for different people, offering a mind-boggling array of choices. With Trailblazer guides, no matter where you are, you can answer the question, “I wonder what’s down that road?” Some activities require planning and reservations, but the best of times are often had by turning the steering wheel on a whim.

Indiana Jones-style adventures into the tropical forests are not always easy to find. Trailblazers do the leg work for you, and will lead you to places not crammed with tourists.

The best trails aren’t always the most popular. Sure, the main attractions are popular for good reason. But the out-of-the way routes will often linger in your mind as a place to call your own.

Beaches beaches beaches and more beaches.  Few visitors actually surf in Hawaii, but Trailblazers will take you to the best and safest places to learn—and also the best spots to plant yourself in the sand and watch the show. The world’s top surfers are riding waves every day the waves are breaking.

Sometimes adventure means kicking back with your fellow mammals—like this Hawaiian Monk seal. 

Sometimes adventure means luxuriating at a swank hotel. You don’t need to be a guest to enjoy the grounds and beaches. Trailblazers have the details on all the top destination resorts.

Many—perhaps most—beaches in Hawaii aren’t signed, and require a short hike to get to. Trailblazers have detailed driving and parking directions to find these places. You want to spend your time having fun, not looking for it.