Marchés volants: freshest fast food in Paris


Paris Marche food

Paris’s open air neighborhood markets where vendors set up their stands on specific days at specific hours are a great place to snack or buy picnic items. You just have to know when and where they are.

No Worries Paris

Marché Bourse – Place de la Bourse, 2nd arr Metro: Bourse 12h30 – 20h30
Marché Maubert – Place Maubert, 5th Metro: Maubert-Mutualité 7h – 14h30
Marché Raspail – Blvd Raspail, 6th Metro: Sevres Babylon 7h – 14h30 – organics
Marché Aguesseau – Place de la Madeleine, 8th Métro: Madeleine 7h à 14h30.
Marché Popincourt – Bd Richard-Lenoir, 11th Metro: Oberkampf 7h – 14h30
Marché Convention- Rue Convention, 15th Métro: Convention 7h à 14h30
Marché Saint-Charles – Rue St-Charles, 15th Métro: Javel 7h à 14h30

Marché St-Honoré – Pl Marché St Honoré,1st M: Pyramides 12h30 – 20h30
Marché Monge – Place Monge, 4th Métro : Place Monge 7h – 14h30
Marché Grenelle…

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