Hawaii is trying to solve the ‘problem’ of too much success

Vacations aren’t supposed to be stressful. But a trip to Hawaii can be just that, if you are in a traffic jam on Maui’s Hana Highway, lost in space trying to find parking at Kauai’s Kalalau Trail, or struggling to find access to a South Kohala beach on the Big Island (pictured above).
Seeking to relieve these stress points—and many others throughout the Islands—the Hawaii Visitors Bureau is developing a DirectAloha app, which will give visitors live updates on locales clogged by “overtourism.”
Finding a peaceful, beautiful place to call your own is not a problem for readers of Trailblazer Travel Books. These books are full of tips and specific directions for independent and adventurous travelers. Trailblazers focus on outdoor activities and cultural sites, but they also include the luxurious side of Hawaii—like the resort strolls at Maui’s Wailea coast (shown above).
When crowds make popular sites a hassle, look for an alternate spot nearby. Trailblazers are full of out-of-the-way options.
Timing is everything. Scaling Oahu’s Diamond Head is a thrilling experience, if you know how to beat the crowds.


Many trails into Hawaii’s Forest Reserves are not publicized or signed.
Many visitors to Hawaii just want to find a spot on the sand, like Waikiki Beach, and stay put.  Fair enough. But other visitors want to explore the trails, beaches, and quirky-cool towns. With a Trailblazer in hand, you will exhaust yourself being at these places, rather than trying to find them.