Kauai’s Lydgate Park

There are many dozens of great beach parks in Hawaii, and many more dozens of beaches that families will call their favorite. But if for some bizarre reason, only one park could be… Continue reading

Hawaii Beach Hiking: the do’s and don’ts

To take a hike or spend the day at the beach? Just one of the many tough choices facing the adventurous visitor. The answer: Do both, brah! Whether you want to people watch… Continue reading

Oahu’s North Shore: surf city

Every island has a north shore, but there is only one North Shore, on Oahu, known to surfers around the world. Within a few miles along the surprisingly rural Kamehameha Highway are four… Continue reading

How Far Will A Surfer Hike on Kauai

Not a trick question: As far as it takes to get to the surf. While all the islands have board-carry breaks, and Oahu is the surfing capital of Hawaii (and the known Universe),… Continue reading

Five Best Beach Parks In Hawaii

Hawaii has hundreds of beaches, so to name the five “best” is sort of dumb. But let’s not let that be a hindrance. Let’s say you want to park the family for the… Continue reading

Getting Soaked in Hawaii

Forget the Eskimos and their dozen names for kinds of snow. The seaborne island nation of Hawaii has more than 150 names for rain. These people lived for nearly 20 centuries isolated by… Continue reading

Maui’s Wave Machine – Surf Honolua

The offshore right-break into Honolua Bay on west Maui is one of Hawaii’s best surf venues: good sized wedges and curls break consistently, occasionally reaching double-figures in height. Surfers must carry boards down… Continue reading

A Day in Lanai

A short ferry ride away from Lahaina, Maui.