Happy New Year Trailblazers!

Order your Trailblazer guidebooks for Kauai, Maui (Lanai and Molokai), Hawaii the Big Island, and Oahu on Amazon.com (now available on Kindle Fire), barnesandnoble.com (now available on the Nook) or at trailblazertravelbooks.com. Wishing… Continue reading

The right trail to Hawaii Big Island’s Blue Lagoon

Complete directions in Hawaii the Big Island Trailblazer.

Big Island Photo of the Day

Lava meets the Pacific Ocean.

Maui Photo of the Day

What a way to spend the Christmas holidays! Wailea is the place to go.

Oahu Photo of the Day

The place to go this Christmas. Check Alaska Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines for best rates. Buy the Oahu Trailblazer to find out where all the action is. It’s as simple as that. Aloha!

Big Island Photo of the Day

Thanks to a 1960 eruption by the volcano goddess Pele, which altered underground springs, visitors can take a warm dip at Ahalanui County Park on the remote Puna Coast east of Hilo. Until… Continue reading

The Green World of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

From the Big Apple to the Big Pineapple

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