Hawaii’s Ultimate Beach Experience

This has to be first-up on your Maui vacation itinerary. A wide-open beach with miles of sand to pound, perfect waves, turquoise water, centrally located with plenty of parking. Put Baldwin Beach Park… Continue reading

Camping on Lanai

The best things in life are indeed freeā€”or cost a big pile of money. No better example is camping on the island of Lanai, where the beach-front lawn of Hulopoe Beach Park is… Continue reading

Plan your trip to Hawaii

Richard Pryor described Hawaii as “the best form of comfort for me,” an affirmation shared by millions of island visitors and residents. But how can vacationers best plan their limited time on these… Continue reading

Hawaii Trailblazers Meet the Kindle and Nook

The new 2012 fifth edition of Kauai Trailbazer has gone digital, available via most electronic devices. You can access the Kindle version here. Access the B&N Nook version here. The new trade-paper… Continue reading

Cool off at this Big Island arboretum

Pause for a refresher at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on the Big Island. Directions in Hawaii Big Island Trailblazer guidebook. Forget the movie version of Hawaii and prepare yourself to see another planet… Continue reading

Hawaiian waterfalls

Hawaiian waterfalls.

Maui adventure photo of the day

Take the Pipiwai Trail out Hana way to get to the four hundred foot Waimoku Falls. Complete directions are in the Maui Trailblazer guidebook. Prepare to get wet!

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