Maui’s Wave Machine – Surf Honolua

The offshore right-break into Honolua Bay on west Maui is one of Hawaii’s best surf venues: good sized wedges and curls break consistently, occasionally reaching double-figures in height. Surfers must carry boards down… Continue reading

A Day in Lanai

A short ferry ride away from Lahaina, Maui.

The Coconut Craze – Finding Them Fresh in Kauai

  < The east side of Kauai isn’t called the Coconut Coast for nothing. The term does have its historical roots: the coco palm was one of the 23 plants the Polynesian voyagers… Continue reading

Secret Falls: Rent a kayak, the rest is FREE

The wide-mouthed Wailua River was chosen as the homeland for the first Polynesian voyagers nearly two thousand years ago, who settled its fertile banks, fished for both fresh and ocean-going fish, and built… Continue reading

Hapuna Beach Park: Divine

If Hapuna Beach didn’t already exist, God would have to create it. The Big Island, though larger than the other Hawaiian islands put together, has the least amount of sandy shoreline, since it… Continue reading

Surfing the outernet at Makaha Beach

Kauai’s Oscar Night

Kauai is ready to celebrate a George Clooney win for his performance in Descendants. All the scene locales for the movie are portrayed in Kauai Trailblazer, a book that goes back 13 generations… Continue reading

Ascent on Hihimanu

The splendid Okolehao Trail rises to the best vantage point of the Hanalei coast and valley. Footing along the trail was precarious and downright dangerous due to the downpour the night before. “End… Continue reading